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Miss Hosting has grown to more than 23,000 international customers

August 22, 2016 — by Andreas0


Launching a new cloud hosting service in a market with
established competitors might sound like a daunting
prospect… but not for Miss Hosting, a fast-growing
Swedish brand which has grown from a standing start
to more than 23,000 international customers, in less
than two years. How? With a fresh approach, and the
help of a cloud platform powered by OnApp.

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Join our Affiliate Program and start earning

August 19, 2016 — by Andreas0


What are the benefits of Miss Hosting Affiliate program?

Miss Affiliate (part of Miss Group) is an affiliate network specializing on mobile performance marketing. Our vision is simple. We want to become the number #1 Mobile performance network in the world. We offer the best platform on the market, the most advanced tracking features and easy-to-use interface. With many years in the affiliate marketing industry, we know what works. We don’t charge any fixed fees or hidden cost. You only pay when you see results.

1. It is easy to earn big with our affiliate program!

2. No minimum sales required!

3. Real time tracking of your referrals!

4. Service easy to recommend!

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If you have questions or need assistance, our professional affiliate team will be glad to help – just write to


Best Data Centers on Two Continents

August 18, 2016 — by Andreas0

Miss hosting / Seo Hosting stars has the pleasure to announce our new data center in Chicago Illinois.

For your website to perform optimally you need to have the proper data center location. The location of your data center can determine the speed and stability of your website so you need to be hosted in the correct location. We work with only the best facilities in the world so that our infrastructure is built on the most powerful and innovative hardware.

Multiple Datacenter Locations

Your website speed and stability depend a lot on the location of your hosting data center. Miss Hosting has the highest standards on all data center facility aspects.

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Miss Hosting Review: Best Affordable Shared Hosting and VPS Solutions

July 5, 2016 — by Andreas0


“All businesses need a website, but setting up a full-fledged is not always an easy job. The first thing that occurs to the mind is the web hosting. There are many hosting providers in the market, but Miss Hosting are best and cheapest hosting providers regarding shared and cloud hosting.”

“Miss offers a broad range of hosting services. It includes shared hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting and VPS solutions for enterprises. They have created a name for themselves by providing the best after technical and customer support along with the super-fast shared hosting.”

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Summer Offer Miss Hosting! 75% off!

June 30, 2016 — by Andreas0


Summer is finally here and we celebrate with a fantastic summer offer where you get 75% discount on Web Hosting & Website. Instead of $5,59 per month, you pay only $1.25 per month!

The package includes:

• Unlimited number of domain registrations
• Unlimited e-mail addresses
• Unlimited traffic
• 100GB cloud space
• Site Builder with 150 applications
• Free support and simple Getting Started Guide

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Miss Hosting Review – Affordable Web Host for Thirsty Marketers

June 17, 2016 — by Andreas0


Web hosting has the pivotal role in the success of any internet marketer. That’s why you must be extra vigilant during the process of host selection.

Truth be told, most of the hosting companies aren’t providing the service that matches their brand name. I have seen several bloggers with hosting related complaints. So I set out for getting a perfect host.

And recently, I have come across a web hosting which on the first glance, seemed to be worthy. So here, I am going to review them in order to find out it is good or not.

Read the full review at –

Miss Domain

Tesla Motors acquires

February 22, 2016 — by Andreas0


It was recently confirmed that the domain name has been sold to Tesla Motors, after being owned by a Mr. Stuart Grossman of California for a very long period of time. In the past, Mr. Grossman has defended the name in a UDRP (Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy) against Tesla Industries, but as of today, the domain name redirects to Tesla Motors’ official website.

Interview with Mr. Grossman, and here is what he said:

Basically, I realized that I would never have the time to use the domain in a productive manner. Between family, work and other obligations, there just isn’t enough of me left over to devote any time to a web site.

In addition, between the UDRP, and the frequent (but not very serious) requests to buy, borrow or use the name it was becoming a burden. Despite being insulated by my registrars privacy scheme, people still tracked me down, and called my home, sent letters, and in one case even dropped by for a visit.

In another instance, a bunch of spam went out with as the (faked) originating address. I think it contained a virus or a link to something bad. That resulted in a bunch of hate mail and a couple of very nasty phone calls to my residence.

As expected, Stuart was unable to share a price with us due to a non-disclosure agreement. Coincidentally, in a recent interview with us, Angel Investor @jason calacanis (friend of Tesla CEO Elon Musk) shared a piece of advice about

If the person with decides they want to buy a nice condo or house, sure, it’s a great idea [for Tesla Motors] to spend $500k or $1m buying that name.

Perhaps Jason knew something we didn’t?


Start small-grow large through scalable VPS

February 5, 2016 — by Andreas0


We have recently launched our new VPS service that is incredibly scalable.

The service means that customers can now start with your own VPS service from $5.00 per month and can easily scale up the service to the VPS premium services.

So why should I have a VPS service?

Number 1. Performance.
Through VPS service so you do not share space with others without the performance you ordered is dedicated to just you. You can thus never be influenced by others that one can be when one is on a hosting. Do any of the “neighbors” on your web hosting extremely high traffic suddenly it can be tough even for you when you share the performance of the server. One discovers this, website takes time to load, and in today’s time when all will go instantly have no patience to wait for a “sticky” site.

Number 2. Scalable.
A VPS service is incredibly scalable, As you need more space, or resources (IP addresses, traffic, storage space, RAM, etc.), you can easily screw the performance yourself through your simple control panel. Easier than it can not be.

Number 3. Cost effective
We offer our new service from $5.00 / month’s cost which is the same as for a web hosting package.

Number 4. Technology-OnApp We have chosen to work, in our opinion, with the world’s best cloud solution, OnApp.

Number 5. geographical IP addresses
We provide IP addresses from over 114 C networks from all countries for as little as $1.25 / IP / Month. What you use them for? Do you have your site in multiple languages, it is wise to have IP’n from these countries. There is a big risk to run everything you have published on an IP which is common to do.

Number 6. Support.
Unbeatable support! I am willing to say, and to be challenged that we have Sweden’s most professional and fastest support. We naturally offers the same professional support, whether you are buying a domain address  to a dedicated server but many times utilized to support more services in more naturally. You can call us, email or chat and you will come to a support technician. Not seller.

VPS (short for Virtual Private Server) is a very popular hosting service as it is the most flexible, scalable, affordable hosting service you as a customer may have and is the natural step between a hosting and a dedicated server. Simply described, it will include (a visualization technology that we have OnApp) your own virtual server that is hosted in a high capacity environment where you as a customer can make upgrades and downgrades of resources (IP addresses, traffic, storage space, RAM, etc.) without affect your server’s availability. With redundant hard drives and Internet connections this is a very secure solution. Everything can be done very easily through your control panel.

It is both affordable and flexible solution that offers greater freedom and opportunity to manage yourself through the C panel that we offer. You can easily scale up and down performance compared to a dedicated server (which you always have the same performance). The advantage of a VPS is flexibility, you can install the operating system, the software you want because you get full root / administrator access. Via a web hosting package is limited to what is already installed on the single server, but via the VPS service, you can install your own software, modules and configurations just as you want it.

Do you have any questions regarding the service we will help you gladly, contact